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Paper webbing
Paper webbing

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It is not so simple to classify it, and it is not so simple to classify it, and for the sake of understanding, we must classify it as a whole and extend it to every branch. Really understand it.
Paper rope categories can be divided according to the shape, a single rope, multi-stranded paper rope, multi-stranded paper rope, paper ribbon, paper rattan, paper Da, paper cloth, etc. can also be applied by the field, Field, home improvement field, clothing accessories field, industrial steelmaking field.
Industrial paper rope:
Crafts are made of high quality kraft paper, the product has a variety of colors of single, double, 3 shares of paper rope, diameter between 1mm-20mm. Common diameter of 0.8mm-3mm process paper rope. The rope is generally shaped into a cylindrical shape, about 2 kg -12 kg per roll; double shares, 3 strands are generally molded as a tie bar, each weighing about 0.5 kg. Use fiber bag or carton packaging. Can be widely used in process knitwear, gifts Packaging, toys tied, tag, home decoration and other fields.
The number of meters of the paper rope is determined by how much material the paper rope itself is, and the rope is tight. The number of meters and the appearance of the paper rope will be different. The smaller the number of meters, the more the rope will be round, compact, smooth, the stronger the rally, the longer the number of rice cords will become oval, loose, pull less.

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