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Needle thread
Needle thread

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Is a new environmentally friendly product developed by our company, mainly used in paper bag handle, luggage handle, lace decoration and other industries.It is a very good pull of the original paper through the complex process of re-system A very fine paper yarn, and then woven into a needle-like rope of a new environmentally friendly products can also be made with a variety of traditional PP rope or cotton rope like a rope or paper ribbon. This type of product was born completely To retain the appearance of the traditional PP rope, so that users and users can seamlessly.Especially in the paper bag industry, the perfect solution to the paper bag manufacturers over the years the habit of wearing rope knot, but also solve the paste paper The rope is easy to take up the space, the high cost of transport problems.Take the paper bag is not the only paper PP rope really converted into a full paper products, has become a well-deserved "paper bag."

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