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Paper wire
Paper wire

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With the paper industry in the industry continue to grow and develop in the paper industry, many paper manufacturers prefer several sales methods are as follows 3:
Paper wire rewinding machine is a kind of special commodity, complex function, such as pulping equipment, there is power, pulp, beating, and other departments, so, just a "imitation" is not enough , The best way to use the scene to manipulate, or let the customer hands-on, so that customers "see the see, touch with the law, see its effect," customers can buy rest assured that this method referred to as the model sales law.
A customer to spend tens of thousands of dollars, or even more than ten million to buy a large paper machinery, although the state subsidies increased year by year, can spend a lot of their own. Buy silk paper machinery with a lot of things, in addition to With the "bicycle accounting account", "pay security advice", "paper machine repair and maintenance" and some other knowledge, vulnerable spare parts, customers are looking forward to match, this method referred to with the sales law.
From the current situation, the customer in the hands of the old paper wire rewinder in the inheritance is still a minority.With the paper price is too low, the customer is not willing to, so customers want to properly upgrade the old paper wire rewinder pricing Level, appropriate to help customers, you can better solve this problem, not only customers welcome, manufacturers can also expand the market, this method referred to as trade-in law.
In summary, the paper sales are skilled, reasonable sales strategies and means for enterprises to bring direct sales benefits for enterprises to create higher value, so that enterprises in the fierce competition in the advantage of the land.

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