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Paper rope
Paper rope

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Description: by a number of 1mm string together

Features: a variety of colors, splicing compact

The original color kraft paper rope, each single-stock 1MM, with 10 1mm single-stranded paper rope side by side composition of about 120 meters per kilogram, weighing about 2 kg.

Multi-stranded paper rope: the use of multi-stranded paper rope side by side together with the rope, usually with the number of rope is called the number of shares of the rope. The company used 6 shares -15 shares of the rope. Size of the same, with 1mm-1.8mm. The use of fine kraft paper rope and the country's best quality made of glue. Products Rally strong, strong density, good adhesion, not degumming. For environmental protection bag handle, furniture weaving, packaging, etc. field.

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