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Paper cloth
Paper cloth

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Paper cloth, is made of paper cloth. Paper cloth in accordance with its production materials and the preparation of different styles can be divided into different types, paper rope paper cloth: single knot paper cloth, retro green paper cloth, gold paper cloth , Gold silk paper cloth, silver paper cloth, gold wire paper cloth, Rafi grass paper cloth, washed paper cloth, striped paper cloth and coated paper cloth. Each category below the use of professional dyeing equipment dyed A variety of different colors.

Paper cloth with its production process continues to refine and have more features, such as: waterproof, moisture, mildew and other characteristics are the new paper has an essential feature, in addition, there is a paper cloth is very The big feature is that it is a very environmentally friendly material, is the use of imported kraft paper and other paper materials made, it can be recycled, will not cause pollution to the environment, saving resources.

According to their own style, different materials can be used for different purposes. Common can be used for hotels, interior decoration and decoration, shoe materials, car supplies, bags, etc. In the decoration of the home, according to their own personal preferences, Different materials, different colors of paper cloth with, decorated out of your own unique style of the room, so that you can spare time, you can have a good, heart of the habitat of the environment, and the retro green paper and gold Line paper cloth is more suitable for large hotels, clubs of the decoration, decoration, the hotel can add a classic romantic, but also can show a stylish, noble and generous flavor.

The use of paper cloth is definitely not only these, perhaps people in the use of the process can also slowly explore more use, people sometimes surprise may also make paper cloth toward a more mature direction.

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