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The development of kraft paper bags
Edit:Huizhou Yaxin Paper Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-11-01

In the 19th century, people often procured everything in the grocery store near work or residence. It is a headache for those daily necessities to be sold in the barrels, bags or wooden boxes, and how to sell them to consumers after being transported to the grocery store. People can only take a basket or homemade linen bag to go shopping. And then the papermaking raw materials are still jute fiber and old linen head, poor quality and scarce, and even can not meet the needs of newspaper printing. Before and after 1844, the German Friedrich Kohler invented the pulp and papermaking, greatly promoted the development of the paper industry, but also indirectly gave birth to the history of the first commercial paper bag. In 1852, the American botanist Francis Waller invented the first paper bag manufacturing machine, which was subsequently extended to France, Britain and other European countries. Later, the birth of plywood paper bags and paper bag suture technology makes the past for the bulk cargo transport of cotton bags are also replaced by paper bags.

& nbsp; Two: Shopping with the emergence of kraft paper bags

& nbsp; and say to the first only shopping in brown paper bags, which was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1908. A local grocery store owner, Dav Duvina, began to look for ways to get consumers to buy more at one time in order to boost sales. Du Weiner believes that it should be a prefabricated bag, low cost and easy to use, and at least can withstand about 75 pounds of weight. After repeated tests, he locked the texture of the bag on kraft paper because it was made with longer woody pulp, which was treated in the cooking process by relatively mild caustic soda and sulphide chemicals. The original strength of wood fiber damage is small, and thus the final production of the paper, the fibers are tightly connected, paper tough, can withstand greater tension and pressure without rupture. Four years later, the first shopping was born with kraft paper bags. Its bottom is rectangular, than the traditional V-shaped paper bag with a larger volume. A rope runs through its bottom and sides to increase its load-bearing capacity and forms two pull rings at the top of the bag. Du Weina named his name for this shopping bag in his own name and applied for a patent in 1915. At this point, the annual sales of this shopping bag has more than 100 million.

The emergence of kraft paper bags has changed the amount of people who can only carry the number of items can not carry the traditional thinking, but also makes consumers no longer worry about no less and lower the shopping Own a pleasant experience. If the birth of kraft paper bags to promote the development of the entire retail industry, perhaps some exaggeration, but it at least revealed to the business of such a phenomenon, that is, the customer's shopping experience becomes as comfortable as possible, easy and convenient before you simply can not Predict how much consumers will buy. It is also this, causing the latecomers to the consumer shopping experience attention, but also to promote the subsequent shopping basket and shopping cart development.

In the next half a century, the development of kraft paper bags can be described as smooth sailing, material improvement to its load-bearing capacity continues to increase, the appearance has become more sophisticated, manufacturers will All kinds of trademarks, patterns printed on kraft paper bags, into the streets of shops shops. Until the mid-20th century, the emergence of plastic shopping bags to become a shopping bag in the history of another large-scale revolution. It is more thin, more solid and cheaper manufacturing costs and other advantages make the scenery once the kraft paper bag eclipsed. Since then, plastic bags become the first choice for life consumption, and leather bags gradually "relegated to second line." Finally, the scenery of the kraft paper bag can only be under the guise of "nostalgia", "natural", "environmental protection" in the name of a small number of skin care products, clothing and books, audio and video products in the packaging. However, in recent years, with the "anti-plastic" wind prevailing in the world, environmentalists who began to look to the ancient kraft paper [/ p]

three: the status of kraft paper bags

bag. McDonald's Chinese companies from 2006, gradually in all stores to implement a kind of insulation performance kraft paper bag to hold take-away food to replace the use of plastic food bags. This initiative has also been a positive response from other businesses, such as Nike, Adidas and other original large consumer bags of plastic bags, have begun to use high-quality kraft paper bags to replace the plastic shopping bags.

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