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paper cakes and traditional pastries do not understand the situation.
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I still have a lasting interest in all kinds of pastries, the reason is that good memories can not be removed from the mind, and the longer the year, the more stubborn this memory. Back to thirty years ago, the pastry is not casually will be able to eat, because of scarcity, so the memory is not consciously strengthened, "delicious" brand also long time does not fade. In fact, past years, little variety of pastry, quality is also uneven, but because it is left in the memory, and easy to extract, it is constantly on the front desk, and the current make a comparison.

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This nation advocates reciprocity, the New Year's pastry, is a kind of ceremony. It also has a gift appearance, such as the usual bulk of the pastry, this time also made the maximum packaging - they were code into the festive cardboard, and then tied to the paper rope, the older people called "fruit box " Fruit box length and width equivalent to sixteen, the thickness of the equivalent of a dictionary, usually red, the middle is printed with colored pastry patterns, often printed

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