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man for the rescue cockroach attack cleaners: it is also alive
Edit:Huizhou Yaxin Paper Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-14

named "Xiaoqiang"; when the "small strong" was trampled, he was heartbroken. In reality, a man of religious belief in Taiwan, in order to save the cockroach mosquito and other small animals, took out a saw, attacking the pit is sprayed with insecticide cleaning workers, hit its arm.

travel in court argued that the belief that all beings are equal, that was only want to fight the spray machine, so as to avoid mosquito and other biological death. Accompanied by his son in court to show the mother also pointed out that since childhood to teach his son to love animals, and his son on the road to see a cat and a dog dead, will be covered after the cover. She said his son two days before the incident job resentment, feeling depressed, because of disinfection sound, will suddenly make excessive moves.

reported that the tour and the injured reached a reconciliation, according to obstruction of official crime was sentenced to 7 months, but suspended for two years, another To the medical institutions to receive psychotherapy and psychological counseling.

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