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Bearing manual: SKF lead sheave unit retrofit enhances device reliability
Edit:Huizhou Yaxin Paper Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-07-14

The pulley unit is one of the key technologies in the pulp and paper industry. The following description of the retrofluence of the skf bearing manual: Reliability Description: Advantages For more than two years Maintenance-free Reduced wear of the lead-out rope The probability of breakage of the rope to eliminate the risk of drop of the sheave rope to eliminate the grease leakage phenomenon Typical application of the wire rope is difficult to close the location of the wire / The high cost of the sheave rope sheave at the site of lubrication, humidity and contamination problems has always been a problem of frequent maintenance. If the draw sheave is running poorly, the drawstring slips, causing the drawstring to wear and tearing the paper tip. The worn drawstring will break, resulting in unplanned downtime. In addition, lubricant leakage can damage the paper, and into the hazardous area to carry out re-lubrication for maintenance personnel is also a considerable risk. Another less common but important problem is the danger of the shedding of the shears from the shaft, which may cause damage to the product, blankets, rollers, and worse, it may hurt people. Most of the plants have considered these conditions as normal and take preventive maintenance measures to reduce the likely impact. They regularly remove the wire sheaves and replace the new or repaired cord sheaves, or simply replace the new bearings. However, when the device is turned on, it will still fail, because at this time the paper sheave plays a key role. Skf lead sheave unit modification significantly reduces breakage, wear and lubrication problems skf authorized dealers offer a unique retrofit service that includes the use of component upgrades to enable the lead sheave to achieve for two years or Longer maintenance-free. After the transformation of the unit is equipped with a special skf bearings, which can run in the case of boundary lubrication, in addition to including a special grease. The retrofitted units and bearings are fully life sealed, thus eliminating the use of grease nozzles and lubricating oil paths that may cause leakage. After the transformation of the unit coated with anti-corrosion black chrome coating, and other coatings can be used. Finally, there is a patented safety locking device that locks the unit firmly to prevent it from falling off the shaft, even when the bearing fails. The alignment work during the installation process may also be part of the retrofit service. If you can not make the transformation of the existing lead sheave, skf's authorized dealer can also provide a new threading sheave unit. Wuxi De Naiman Power Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Switch Service: 4006-000-796 Sales Hotline: Imported Bearing: http: //www.wxnjf.com/ <>>