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straw wallpaper to create environmentally friendly home
Edit:Huizhou Yaxin Paper Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-11-29

Such as grass, hemp, bamboo, rattan, paper rope , veneer and other ten kinds of natural materials as raw materials, the use of traditional technology Hand-woven from the high-end wallpaper. Straw wallpaper with breathable, environmentally friendly, elegant and other characteristics. It created by the living space can be described as the perfect fusion of fashion and classic, can fully reflect the modern pursuit of green space. With the improvement of people's living standards and enhance the awareness of environmental protection, paper and other materials woven wallpaper and therefore more and more consumers of all ages. paper rope wallpaper is a popular wall decoration material because of its natural environmental breathability and other characteristics.

& nbsp; straw wallpaper is more suitable for living room TV wall, entrance and study of the local wall and aisle wall. But its durability, fire resistance is poor, should not be used for larger occasions.

& nbsp; straw wallpaper shrinkage larger, easy to produce bubbles, wrinkles, so the construction workers require a higher.

wall requirements

& nbsp; thin paper on the wallpaper, the construction should be carefully checked before the wall varnish color is consistent, to prevent bottoming; Has been varnish, to ensure that the construction environment clean, no dust.

Glue requirements

& nbsp; Construction workers should use sticky straws for sticky straw.

& nbsp;

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 30 minutes before brushing glue. Straw wallpaper can not be wiped, seam overflow rubber will not be able to clean up, and in the wallpaper surface will produce "bright band." Therefore, the use of plastic on the machine, the use of protective tape to avoid the glue overflow to the wallpaper surface.

& nbsp; 2. Manual construction

Paper back glue to ensure that glue sticky, edge with edge band (protective tape) sealed, so that glue will not overflow, And 30 minutes before the wall brush glue.

Seam requirements

& nbsp; straw wallpaper due to the use of natural materials, handmade, it can not flower, the seams can not match, this is a normal phenomenon. Construction workers should be in the construction and customer instructions, and in the construction of 2 to 3 after the customer and confirmed that customers can continue to apply before the construction.

The use of sharp blade tailor, cut a seam after the folding off a piece of paper to ensure that the gap is not Wrinkled, will not play the edge, the degree of force should also avoid the cutting edge of the blade (cut from the head when the first test cut).

& nbsp; 2. seams at the torn, make up on the thin glue, to ensure that the glue does not overflow side seam, the construction process should wear white gloves.

& nbsp; 3. Large area of the place with a wool scraper (or PVC scraper wrapped in a dry towel) forced scraper, part of the fall of grass does not affect the overall effect.

& nbsp; 4. Seal fill the glue, with a special soft pressure roller pressure, to ensure that the joint so far, and dry towels or sponge suction a small part of the overflow rubber (try to ensure that glue does not overflow).

Paving requirements

& nbsp; paving straw wallpaper, the construction staff should be from top to bottom carefully heal. Because of its surface natural straw shrinkage and paper-based shrinkage is different, it is likely to produce bubbles, wrinkles, need to be patient. At the same time, the construction staff should do a close edge processing, to avoid the edge or even Qiaojiao situation.

& nbsp; after construction requirements

After construction do not open the door within 48 hours, ventilation windows, construction workers made it clear to customers and maintenance considerations.