first performance in its pull on. Some of the old paper rope factory will use imported kraft paper as raw material, so that the product has the advantages of flexible ductility. Factory professional machine production line, so that the surface of the paper rope more delicate and beautiful. Coupled with the rigorous quality of business monitoring, so that the formation of uniform strength of the paper rope tension, rewrite the paper has always been the fragile image. & nbsp; Combined with the concept of creative bags of paper bags, paper rope hand pull from the original single-stranded twisted into a double or multi-twisted system, the form is more rich three-dimensional, and the more the number of shares is also stronger. There are many flat side by side flat shape, known as the rope hand pull, suitable for comparison with two-dimensional thin paper bag. And some other woven into a horse, crochet and other special forms of paper rope, is simply to replace the cotton rope handle and students, to meet the different types of paper bag design requirements. & nbsp; Speaking of design aesthetics, inevitably to increase the color factor. Paper rope large enterprises dyeing solid color technology, so that the paper rope hand can be elegant and elegant can be beautiful. Funky leather color, pure white, stable black is the three basic colors of kraft paper, plus the other color can be dyed or multi-color combination, so that the design becomes arbitrary. Paper bags as a carrier of brand culture, can accurately convey the corporate philosophy is particularly important. Huizhou Yaxin Paper Co., Ltd. Main: paper rope, paper yarn, paper cloth" />
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Advantages of environmentally friendly paper rope hand
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