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safflower town paper rope straw hat weaving peasant woman "rich dream"
Edit:Huizhou Yaxin Paper Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-07-12
Tancheng Xun" I planted in the factory weaving paper rope straw hat, mattress And so on, busy at least a day income of at least 40 yuan, than at home nothing more dry. "Honghua Town, Sun Tongcun family planning model Jiang Xiuxia said. Like Jiang Sister so gossip weaving straw hat income of young women in the village no less than 60 people. Weaving straw hat is Sun Tong village rural daughter-in-law unique skills, through the town and village family planning association organization lead, this hand has become a farmer women's income to get rich "new way." Ray-height: 28.8px; white-space: normal; text-indent: In recent years, Sun Tong Village, a lot of rural family husband in the field of migrant workers, these "left-behind family" women engaged in straw hat, placemat and other crafts weaving income to get rich (2); background-color: rgb (255, 255, 255) The In the past, many young and middle-aged women in the village had nothing to do with them, and they were even dressed in the mischief of playing cards. See the situation, the village family planning to raise more than 30 million yuan, founded the "Jinmei handicraft knitting factory", think of ways to organize the women on the village to do art weaving live, since then, "Jinmei Crafts Weaving Factory" The family housewife Zhou Huaifeng, Xie Yawei, Xie Chunju and other year weaving paper rope straw hat, placemat and other handicrafts amounted to more than 15,000 yuan, a village straw hat weaving experts, rich woman strongman. Ray-height: 28.8px; white-space: normal; text-indent: The town through the town and village family planning association, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, women's federations, agricultural firms and other departments of marriage, to support the rich leader, founder of the Chinese knot, paper rope straw hat, Placemat, weaving and garment processing to absorb rural idle women to increase the income of small businesses, in the town of up to more than 20, employing 8,000 people. (Liu Keling)