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environmental protection fashion breaking traditional paper furniture promotion promotion strategy
Edit:Huizhou Yaxin Paper Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-06-28

woven "paper cloth", after tailoring, to them with different materials frame, with the perfect weaving approach to take a good side, plus paint, and then on the glue processing, that is a both Beautiful and practical furniture. As the paper furniture natural simple, elegant shape, feeling Guanghua meticulous, coupled with the concept of fashion, making paper furniture in the last century 20 years to 60 years to become a lot of American high society family favorite, became a small home trend.

At present, paper furniture in Japan, Singapore and Europe and the United States in some countries the furniture market is not uncommon, but in the country or the beginning of style. Now the paper furniture, mainly cardboard, tile paper {HotTag} and other production, its design clever use of the mechanics of the principle, so that it has sufficient strength, at the same time, after special treatment to solve the paper furniture overwhelmed and Fear of bogey two fatal weakness. This kind of furniture can also be painted into a variety of colors, such as natural colors, warm red, elegant white, stable black and so on.

The current paper furniture has been specially crafted, with waterproof, mildew, mothproof and other functions, but also has a very high strength. It is reported that the paper chair load strength of up to 600 kg, other paper furniture can withstand 90 kg of heavy objects and more than 100,000 times the impact.

The potential of new environmentally friendly materials compared to traditional furniture, paper system is a light, easy handling; Second, environmental protection, without any paint. Paper furniture also has both wood and textile texture, giving a comfortable, comfortable feeling. Paper furniture, although the hardness of solid wood furniture is low, but because of its light weight and more security, the price is cheaper than metal, wood furniture and become a great potential for environmentally friendly products.

Such as paper chairs, good air permeability, coupled with the thermal conductivity of paper and wood similar, making it cool when used in summer and not hot; winter use, the body feels cold. In addition, because the paper furniture has a strong waterproof, sunscreen function, not afraid of all kinds of outdoor outdoor environment, can be used for streets, parks, swimming pool and other places.

Experts believe that in the shape, paper furniture, regardless of style design or color use can be solid wood furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture and other traditional comparable, both both retro and modern design, elegant solemn ,Classy and elegant. Paper furniture color and diverse, with different home space with a combination, to create a mix of home environment. In addition, the paper furniture, you can often change their cloth sets, making them rich in change, people often see Chang new, to create a very self-style style of home. It is understood that in the pattern of paper furniture design, the current design of the most European-style color, a lot of paper furniture popular gray, brown and beige and other "coffee" color series, can easily With all kinds of solid wood furniture with. European-style paper furniture design emphasizes the beauty of the line, in the handrails, backrest, etc. to increase the curve of the design, there are some with solid wood, rattan, bamboo and other materials mixed weaving attempt to bring out the same sense of the times. In production, experts believe that paper furniture, if the realization of processing mechanization, automation and collaboration, not only conducive to the protection of forest resources and reduce the external volume of waste, but also in line with the development trend of furniture production, these are For the development of paper furniture provides a broad prospect.