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Paper rope products are: single-stranded paper rope (diameter 0.3-1mm-5mm), paper ribbon, needle paper rope, woven paper rope, green paper rope, Rafi grass, Paper rope rope, paper rope hand pull, multi-stranded paper rope, flat paper rope, iron core paper rope, and so on. Fine paper rope made of high-grade kraft paper, the minimum diameter of up to 0.3MM rope, is the production of the best size of the paper rope. Can be widely used in tag, craft knitwear, gifts and so on. Is a new generation of environmentally friendly products instead of the traditional plastic package line

Toy rope products are: all kinds of environmentally friendly single-stock double-round round paper rope, diameter from 0.3mm-5mm, paper rope tensile strength, smooth.

In order to facilitate the toy factory customers to the paper rope receipt points, storage, hair and paper rope cutting, we will be based on customer requirements to rewinding the paper rope quantitative packaging.

In the past ten years of Transformers products, we most likely to see is the plastic leather wire bundled. These bundles allow players to love and hate. Love is so many years are used to twist the binding line, this action has become an essential process of playing Transformers. And the bundled line can also be bundled in life bundled wire or something, to be considered useful. Hate is that some of the toy strapping lines are too much, and it is very difficult to disassemble, and it is easy to hurt the toy surface.

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