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Application of paper cloth
Edit:Huizhou Yaxin Paper Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-06-29

According to their own style, the material can be different Different use. Common can be used for hotels, interior decoration and decoration, shoe materials, automotive supplies, bags and so on. In the decoration of the home, you can according to their own personal preferences, the use of different materials, different colors of paper cloth with, decorated out of your own unique style of the room, so that you work in the busy, you can have a good, Heart of the habitat. And retro green paper and gold thread paper cloth is more suitable for large hotels, clubs of the decoration, decoration, can make the hotel add a classic romantic, but also can show a stylish, noble and generous flavor.
< "the="" use="" of="" paper="" cloth="" is="" definitely="" not="" just="" these,="" perhaps="" people="" in="" the="" use="" of="" paper="" cloth,="" the="" use="" of="" paper="" cloth="" is="" not="" only="" the="" only="" use="" of="" these,="" perhaps="" people="" in="" the="" the="" use="" of="" the="" process="" can="" also="" slowly="" explore="" more="" use,="" people="" sometimes="" surprise="" may="" also="" make="" the="" paper="" cloth="" toward="" a="" more="" mature="" direction.="">