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Rafi grass
Rafi grass

Rafi grass his English name is raffia, perhaps we do not know he has another name, someone called him to do wishing rope, some people call him love grass.When you bring the Rafi grass after you promise The desire to be the first time to convey to the perception of God where the rope off that day is willing to achieve time.
With the mysterious Rafi grass from Africa's Madagascar. Rafi grass is imported fodder, expensive, because of its strong toughness and extraordinary character of the international market recognition. Rafi grass smooth appearance of smooth , Not afraid of water and extremely strong, therefore, has also been regarded as love grass, meaning people to be consistent, indefatigable treatment of love.
Also in the longevity of the pine line on the wishing rope, for their parents to pray for well-being, for the family to seek peace for the children to seek health ... ... a pair of lovers love each other between the wishing rope, wrapped around each other wrist , Said the pair of lovers will never change heart.

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