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Woven paper rope
Woven paper rope

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What is the braided rope? Here to tell you about it

Weaving paper rope is mainly used in handicraft weaving, such as: box, screen, shoe rack, basket, grass backpack, pet baskets, baskets, fruit plates, lanterns, etc. There are some for tag, electronic toys, gift packaging Fields. Paper Crafts - Storage Basket.

A small piece of paper rope, magical infinite, can be made into earrings, pins, small ornaments, but also made slippers, vests, screens, both practical and artistic value. Paper rope is made of imported kraft paper, Light, not easy to deformation of the toughness and flexibility, there are waterproof, not afraid of bites, can be colored, etc., can replace bamboo and other woven materials, the use of a wide range.

Paper rope weaving in China has been the rise of many years of history, people often use paper rope or grass and other materials woven into a variety of knitwear, such as daily necessities, jewelry, bags, etc., as many as you have Enough imagination, you can try to use paper rope woven into your imagination.

Today, the paper cord weaving in the country also set off waves of upsurge, not only life there are a lot of paper rope weaving handicrafts, the same is also placed on the Internet with a wide range of paper rope knitwear, more people will be their own whim The paper rope is woven out and shows its own unique side.

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